5 Reasons Funny Dads are the Best Dads

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It’s said that laughter is the best medicine, and my dad was the kind of dad that brought a daily dose of laughter into our home. He always had me giggling as a kid, and even as teenager I’d laugh at his ridiculous dad jokes, often because he was laughing so hard himself and I couldn’t help but laugh too. My dad was a huge influence on my childhood, and I believe his humor helped me more than he’d ever know.

Five reasons funny dads are the best dads:

1. Funny dads teach their kids not to take life too seriously
If any part of life should be lived carefree, it’s childhood. Funny dads help set the tone by teaching their kids to enjoy life – make funny faces, dance to their own beat, and belly laugh so hard they can barely catch their breath.

2. Funny dads know how to lighten the mood
Sometimes those little things in childhood feel so big – that first break up, a bad grade at school, or missing a free throw in a big game. These are those opportunities when dads sweep in and say something funny, just to bring a smile to their kids’ faces and help their child understand that their failures aren’t the end of the world.

3. Laughing is a good way for dads to bond with their kids
Sometimes it’s hard for a middle-aged man to find common ground with his teenage daughter or son, but when dads find a way to laugh with their teenagers, it bonds them together during those years when it might be easier to grow apart.

4. Those dumb dad jokes are the ones you end up passing down to your own kids
My dad told (and still tells) the same jokes over and over. As a teenager, I’d roll my eyes, anticipating the punch line that I’d heard a hundred times, but now that I’m a mom, I pass those same old jokes down to my kids. In a way, it’s like passing down a family treasure – something that belonged to my dad and me, I get to pass on to them, and there’s something very special about that.

5. Fun, hilarious times make for good memories
My dad didn’t try to be funny 100 percent of the time. He knew when to be funny and when to be serious, but those hilarious times make for some of my favorite childhood memories. Just thinking back about certain funny moments, brings a smile to my face.

I can’t scientifically prove that funny dads make the best dads, but anyone with a funny dad knows that it’s true.