8 Super Fun Games You Should Play With Your Family This Christmas


There is nothing like family game night. If you have relatives coming to town it gives everyone something to do without spending a small fortune taking everyone out. It also is the perfect way to stave off holiday cabin fever. But picking a game can be overwhelming, so we compiled a list of our favorites. Whether your family is easy going or super competitive, we have a game for you.

1. Exploding Kittens

A hilarious card-based game for the whole family. Each game is slightly different and the strategy is easy to pick up on for kids ages 7 and up.

Exploding Kittens Card Game

2. Cards Against Humanity

This is an adult game. It’s great for the grown family or group of friends who aren’t afraid to get a little inappropriate and love to laugh.

Cards Against Humanity

3. Speak Out

The game made popular by “The Ellen Show” will leave you in stitches! It will be the hardest you laugh all Christmas.

Speak Out Game

4. Catch Phrase

The classic game that never gets old. You can play around the table or on the couch. All you gotta do is grab and pass.

Catch Phrase Game

5. What Do You Meme?

For the Millennial family who loves savage dank memes. It’s all about reactions, GIFs, and all things Internet.

What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game

6. Bananagrams

Scrabble on steroids. Each player tries to use all their tiles before their opponents. This is great for competitive groups.


7. Scattergories

Another classic game. If you don’t have this in your game closet, do you really even have a game closet?

Scattergories Game

8. 5 Second Rule

Another “Ellen Show” game that will leave you laughing out loud. It is competitive, but works well for families that don’t care who wins.

5 Second Rule