5 Tips to Keep You From Killing Your Gas Mileage

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Not everyone is able to own a hybrid vehicle. That doesn’t mean you can’t save yourself when it comes to your gas mileage though? Here are a few habits that may be costing you money.

5 Tips to Keep You From Killing Your Gas Mileage:

1. Junk in Your Trunk

That’s right. If you’re weighing down your vehicle with random things in the trunk. (We’re looking at you, person who hasn’t taken that tent out of the back since its last use two years ago.) More weight equals more money spent on gas.

2. Under-inflated Tires

That’s right, if you don’t have enough air in your tires, it’s harder to move them. If they’re harder to move, they require more fuel to move them.

3. Tailgating

First of all, tailgating is not only dangerous but just annoying. So stop. Please? It will save you money. Yes, you see your favorite NASCAR drivers “tailgating” each other on the track, but they’re all going the same speed. On the freeway, you’re not all going the same speed and the extra work you’re doing on the peddle to stay right behind someone is killing your gas mileage.

4. Riding Your Brakes or Gas Peddle

If you’re constantly slamming on the brakes or gunning it, you’re using more fuel. So, if you’re hitting it when the light turns green, you’re costing yourself money. If you are constantly slamming on your brakes, you’re costing yourself money.

5. Not Paying Attention

This is going off No. 4, but it’s important. If you’re not paying attention, you’re more likely to need to stop quickly or start quickly. If you’re looking at, let’s say, your phone and not the road, you’re costing yourself money.