Getaway Guide: Do Atlanta In 36 Hours

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Avoiding Hotlanta references is tough when discussing the unofficial capital of the South, so let’s just get that out of the way. Things are hot down here with temperatures hitting 90+ on the daily.

No matter the heat, people in Georgia are ridiculously friendly. Maybe it’s the charming accent that has me dishing out hearty “yes m’ams.” Southern hospitality is easy to get used to.

It’s summertime in Atlanta and there’s not a better time to enjoy Georgia, well maybe, but for the sake a immediacy here are a few spots you can hit in a day-and-a-half in Atlanta this summer:

Sit in the President’s Chair

Former President Jimmy Carter (ex-Georgia peanut farmer) selected Atlanta as the home of his Presidential Library. Stop yawning; the Carter Presidential Library is something special.

Ever want to feel like the leader of the free world? Take a seat in the full scale replica of Carter’s Oval Office. Even the desk is real, the same type of resolute desk where Kennedy, Clinton, Bush and Clinton signed bills into law.

If anything it’s a great photo op. Take a snap and make your friends jealous on social media.

Centennial Olympic Park

Atlanta hosted the Summer Games 18 years ago and remnants from the spectacle are still here.

Centennial Olympic Park is home to SkyView Atlanta, a new ferris wheel attraction that takes you 20 stories above the gorgeous park. Air conditioned gondolas (I already said it’s hot down here) run until 10 pm, providing a spectacular nighttime view of Atlanta

The park also features the Fountain of Rings; a good place to let your kids get loose. Get ‘em wet, cool off underneath fountains shaped like the Olympic rings. Again, the fountains are best enjoyed at night, esthetically at least.

Centennial Park regularly hosts concerts throughout the summer, attracting big names from hip hop and country.

Turn Down For What?

Atlanta is known for clubbing and if that’s your thing, you’re visiting the right city. Get ready for a lot of Lil Jon music. He’s a native ATLien and still making hits.

In Atlanta’s clubs, there’s nothing wrong with living out the experience from your favorite music video that used to run on MTV.

Blasting music and flashing strobe lights at destinations like MJQ Concourse, Lava Lounge and Tongue and Groove will leave you asking; turn down for what?

The ATL In One Hour

For $25 you can see most of Atlanta’s coolest places in just over an hour. You’ll save the environment at the same time, cruising around in a electric car with the ATL-Cruzer. It’s a must for history oriented people, eager to see Atlanta’s rich past in an intimate fashion. This isn’t your typical double-decker bus tour with impersonal tour guide. Your driver is an expert, devoting attention to just the small group.

It’s like being shown around town by an old friend who moved to Atlanta after college.

Gone With Atlanta, The Margaret Mitchell House

Whether you’ve seen the movie or been forced into reading the book, “Gone With The Wind” is a part of Atlanta’s history. Margaret Mitchell wrote the Pulitzer prize winning novel in a house that still stands as a historical monument. It’s a must see for any fan of classic literature.

Media Junkie

Cable news giant CNN calls Atlanta home. The world’s largest free standing escalator kicks off your tour of CNN studios. Go behind the scenes with Robin Meade, take a seat in the anchors desk and practice reading the teleprompter. Embrace you inner Larry King at CNN world headquarters in Atlanta.

The Krog Street Tunnel

Atlanta’s public art is something to behold. The Krog Street Tunnel is a pedestrian crossing linking Cabbagetown and Inman Park in Atlanta. Local artists and musicians use the inside as a gallery, showing off their work on an ever-changing canvas.

There’s no gang related feel to the art, just undiscovered talent showing off skill. Somebody grab me a can of spray paint.

Atlanta in a 36-hour whirlwind. Ready. Set. Go.