Getaway Guide: Tulsa, Oklahoma in 36 Hours

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Looking for an easy weekend getaway? Hop in the car and spend a full, fun 36 hours in one of the South’s hidden gem cities! Pack a bag, grab your best friend or mom or significant other and hit the road!

Here are all the can’t miss places in Tulsa, when you’ve got a long 36 hours:

Center of the Universe

Yes, that’s right: the Center of the Universe is in Tulsa. It’s one of those places that cannot be explained via Internet or over the phone or even in person (if you’re not there at the spot). All Tulsa natives know the secret of the Center of the Universe, and if you stand in the correct spot, magic can happen. Lots of proposals happen here, and it’s a great Tulsa secret. Not unlike the Largest Ball of Twine or Largest Rocking Chair, The Center of the Universe is a great spot for tourist to experience some of the secrets of Tulsa.

Blue Rose Café

Blue Rose Café is right on the Arkansas River. It’s literally the perfect patio place. If you’re arriving in the afternoon, they have great happy hour specials, and you have to try the loaded fries. Overlooking the water, this is a great spot to have a beer before getting ready for a night out.

Tulsa Spirit Tours

Last summer, I took a Ghost Tour Pub Crawl of Tulsa. This was one of the best decisions of my life. Basically, we traveled to the Brady Arts District and went from pub to pub and learned of the rich history of the bars and buildings, and we had a drink at each. Tulsa Spirit Tours also offers guided bus tours, usually around Halloween, and it’s a fun way to learn the history of Tulsa. It’s not too spooky, but tons of fun!

Utica Square

For the shoppers! Utica Square is an area of up-scale shops that include the basic mall staples, restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques. I know when I go on vacation, or to a new place, I love to shop and spend more money than needed. This is the exact place for that kind of activity.

The Max Retropub

This is one of my favorite bars in Tulsa. Billed as “Tulsa’s only ’80s Retropub” The Max is a bar with tons to do other than drink. Filled with retro arcade games, you get coins to play games like skee-ball, Donkey Kong, and more. Loosely based off of the hangout in Saved By The Bell, The Max is a great place to relax and blow off some steam.

Dilly Deli (Brunch)

Dilly Deli is a unique breakfast and lunch place. With its eclectic décor, this would be a great place for brunch as you end your weekend in Tulsa. The food is great, the atmosphere is great, and you’ll leave Tulsa on a high note!

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Image sources: Bigstock, Uncovering Oklahoma