Would You Wear This Green Lipstick?

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We’ve kissed a lot of frogs in our day, going on lots of not so great dates in the process, so we were kind of intrigued by this green lipstick. Turns out, you don’t have to go through a lot of lipstick shades (or frogs) to find one perfect for you.

This green lipstick looks hideous, but goes on your lips in a color unique to you. Glossy, and infused with vitamin E and shea butter, this lipstick has us a little bit obsessed. After all, who doesn’t love to turn expectations upside down?

You can grab one over at Birchbox for $25.

So, not quite as cool as the clear lipsticks we talked about the other day, but still pretty incredible. Can you imagine pulling this out at a party or a girls night out to the horror of your friends, only for it to go on a lovely shade of pink? It’s got a super natural look too, so you can wear it with anything, and at any time. Pretty amazing.