The Easiest Way To Make Food Off The Grill Taste Amazing


There is a profound difference between grey oven-made steak and sizzling meat off the grill. It is an art form for most men. They have their unimpeachable method for cooking; anything else is sin. I’m not here to mess with your method, I think you should add one simple ingredient to the fire: hardwood. I guarantee it will noticeably improve your food–steak, chicken, fish, and (especially) vegetables.

Now, don’t just grab any wood. Sticks and dead branches from your yard covered in moss and insects will make you sick. Buy some good hardwood from your home goods store, online, or at your grocery. You can a variety of woods: cherry, apple, pecan, oak, maple, and hickory. Hickory is the far-away favorite of the bunch, but it is worth testing out the different varieties to see which you prefer.

If you have a charcoal grill, put a fist-sized chunk next to the coals. Tossing the wood into the charcoal will create a flame that blackens your food instead of flavoring it. You want blue smoke that can soak into the food like a spice.

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Thought I'd do a little vid showing the difference between good smoke and bad smoke.. on the left is my @weberbbqausnz smokey mountain and you will notice the smoke coming from the top is thin and a light blue colour, this is exactly what you want to see when cooking low and slow! The right is my @weberbbqausnz one touch gold that I have choked up purposely to have thick white smoke.. this isn't ideal for low and slow BBQ! Having a thick white smoke coming from your smoker won't add to the smoke ring and will leave a bitter unpleasant taste on your meat as you're over smoking it! The thin blue smoke is what you're looking for to get the best flavor on whatever you're cooking! If your smoker looks like the one on the right try using less wood and make sure it's properly seasoned, and adding the wood only after the smoker is up to temp! Achieving thin blue smoke will improve your results overnight! Give it a try! 👌🏻#barbecuemafia #bbq #bbqfood #lowandslow #proq #radarhill #foodporn #picoftheday #instagood #instafood #likeforlike #followforfollow #eatbrisbane #foodie #meatsweats #foodpics #instagood #meatporn #brisket #grillinfools #grillporn #beefcheeks #beefporn #pork #pulledpork #porkporn

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For a gas grill, soak some wood chips in water and then place the wet chips in a foil packet on top of one of the burners. It takes more work and experimentation, but it can be done