17 Grilling Tools Every Man Needs To Have In His Arsenal


Whether you’re grilling for two people or 10, these tools help build the foundation every man needs for his grill. In truth, you can’t grill without these tools, or at least you can’t grill very well. These are the essentials.

17 Grilling Tools Every Man Needs To Have In His Arsenal:

1. A Grill

No matter if you choose a propane or charcoal model, find a grill that fits your needs.

2. Chimney Starter

If you remember nothing at all, at least remember this: lighter fluid is the devil. It stinks up your cooking area and you can taste it in your food. A chimney starter allows you to pour coals in the top and stuff paper in the bottom, which you can just light with a match.

3. Long-Handled Spatula

Look for a durable spatula with a beveled edge and a deep offset handle which allows you to slip the spatula under food with ease.

4. Long-Handled Tongs

Tongs can be used for just about any meat besides burgers. If you skimp on everything else, at least invest in a good pair of tongs.

5. BBQ Fork

The least useful of the essential grilling tools (fork, spatula, tongs). But while it isn’t great for cooking, it can be used for other purposes (e.g. stirring coals, lifting grill grates, etc.).

6. Long-Handled Brushes

Used for basting, saucing, and mopping food. A good brush (one that has an angled, long handle) will keep your hand away from the fire and allow you easily access your food.

7. Spray Bottle

Helps in eliminating flare-ups.

8. Long- Handled Brass Bristle Cleaning Brush

For cleaning the grate. Brass bristles are preferable to steel because they won’t damage the grate.

9. Leather Grilling Gloves

If you’re going to be around fire, it’s helpful to protect your hands and arm. And don’t think you can just substitute your kitchen pot holders. They won’t stand up.

10. Long Neck Lighter

Yes, a matchbook or a standard lighter will do. But a long-neck lighter will make lighting your grill much, much easier.

11. Instant Read Thermometer

For gauging when your meat is cooked.

12. Grilling Grate

A grate serves the same function as a basket, but you can move the food around more easily to give it more (or less) exposure to the heat of the grill.

13. Large, Wooden Cutting Board

Even if you do all your prep in the kitchen, you’ll still want a big old wooden cutting board with a juice groove for when you’re carving a big piece of cooked meat.

14. Good Carving Knife and Fork

Get a set that has high-quality handles and a good weight to them.

15. Foil, Foil, and Foil

Foil is the duct tape of grilling—there are so many uses its ridiculous. Use it to tent your meat when resting, wrap up leftovers, or create a make-shift “griddle” so vegetables don’t fall through the grill grates.

16. Charcoal

If you want to keep it simple, go with the old standard Kingsford Briquets. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try using hardwood lump charcoal.

17. Grilling Cookbook

There a lot of grilling and barbecue books out there, Bobby Flay’s “Boy Meets Grill “is one of the best.