10 Common Grooming Mistakes Men Should Avoid


Being a well-groomed man is as much about avoiding tragic mistakes as it is performing small, tidying rituals. No matter how carefully you shave or how expertly you style your hair, if your fingernails look like bear claws, you’re really no better off.

Below are a few of the most common grooming mistakes that men should avoid.

10 Common Grooming Mistakes Men Should Avoid:

1. Dirty, Uncut Nails

Nails should always be clipped short and free from dirt. And; just so you know, there is nothing wrong if you get a professional manicure or pedicure. Just remember to skip the polish.

2. Wearing Too Much Cologne
Too much of a good thing couldn’t be more true than with cologne. All you need is a few sprays on the wrists and behind the ears — which is more than enough.

3. Too Much Hair Product
The only thing worse than using no product at all is turning your head into a plastic helmet. Gloppy gels are for amateurs that don’t leave much room for movement. Go for lighter pastes and creams that create shape and definition while still maintaining a natural appearance.

4. Using Worn-Out Razors when Shaving
Razor cartridges have a relatively short lifespan. Therefore using a blade past its expiration date can wreak havoc on your face by unevenly ripping hairs out of the follicle and leaving burned, bleeding skin. Use a quality shaving gel and a fresh, clean razor to get the maximum shave with minimal irritation.

5. Ignoring Cracked or Flaking Lips
Many people argue that the perfect smile is important. But even the most engaging smile is less convincing with cracked or flaking lips. There are several good quality ointments or sticks that can easily keep your lips nourished, hydrated and healthy.

6. Unkempt Eyebrows
A pair of cleanly-defined, fully separated eyebrows actually makes you a better talker — like in a literal, measurable way. So a couple minutes of at-home trimming one of the best time investments you’ll make this year.

7. Nose and Ear Hair
One of the most distracting things is overgrown nose and ear hair. And while these hairs are important for keeping the body healthy, they cease to have any purpose when they make an unwanted cameo appearance. Use a small grooming scissor to keep them at bay.

8. Unruly Facial Hair
If you have a thing for perpetual scruff, you can keep your mane tame without looking like a woodsman or a hobo. There’s no need to do anything fancy, just go lightly over the edges of your facial hair with a trimmer, cutting everything back to a uniform length and making sure the outline is nice and crisp.

9. Unkempt Body Hair
Hair on the body is an undeniable outward expression of masculinity. But there comes a point when a jungle of hair needs to be pruned back. Invest in a trimmer with adjustable settings and clip hair especially on the chest and stomach to an appropriate but natural-looking length.

10. Not Embracing Your Grays In All Their Glory
Gray hair is sexy and manly and a whole lot better than a lousy dye job.