12 Things You’ll Want (Need) To Buy From Chip and Joanna’s Holiday Collection at Target


Chip and Joanna’s new line at Target, Hearth & Hand, is everything I wished it could be, and more. My local Target doesn’t have the mega display that some of the larger Target’s have, but the setup and everything on display is practically perfection.

In case you didn’t know, the Hearth & Hand collection has a ton of holiday items that, in true Joanna Gaines fashion, are the perfect mix of rustic and chic. I put in some really strenuous and labor-intensive time perusing the Hearth & Hand line (I know, but someone had to do it…) to see what items are true must-haves this holiday season, and long story short, you can do no wrong with any purchase from the collection. Sure, you might not have money left to buy gifts for your loved ones, but at least your house will look really cute.

12 Things You’ll Want To Buy From Chip and Joanna’s Holiday Collection at Target:

1. Stockings

I meannnnn, could these be any cuter? Of course, I’d probably go get mine monogrammed, but at only $13 a pop for these stockings, it’d be totally worth it.

2. Log Holder

Okay, okay– not technically a piece of holiday decor, but ’tis the season for snuggling up by the fire, which means you need lots of logs, which means you definitely need this log holder.

3. Pine Wreath

Let’s face it– your DIY wreath isn’t going to happen in time for the holidays. Do yourself a favor and get this instead! It’s simple and classic but has Joanna’s signature rustic touch with the gold ornaments hanging in the middle.

4. Lamb Ear Wreath

Annnnd for your back door, the lamb ear wreath! But really, you can actually decorate with wreaths in several ways around your house– prop it up on the mantle or by the front door surrounded by candles or lanterns, and voila!

5. Gift Bags and Tissue Paper

The Hearth & Hand line features a lot of gift wrapping options, too– they have lots of bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper and ribbons that all coordinate so you can mix and match!

6. Wrapping Paper and Ribbons

I meannn, can we also learn how to wrap presents like this?

7. Ornaments

I love how simple the ornaments are in their collection. They have white ones that match the black, plus a mixture of gold, green and red ornaments, too. You can get an 8 pack for $12.99.

8. Tree Topper

Y’all, this might be the trendiest tree topper I’ve ever seen, and it’s only $14.99!

9. Stocking Holder

This might be one of my favorites of the whole collection! I love how the gold accents look against the galvanized metal.

10. Accent Pillow

This is something you’ll look forward to pulling out of storage every year!

11. Throw Blanket

Perfect for snuggling up by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa (or a hot toddy…)

12. Pajamas

FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! This is not a drill. Your annual family picture is about to be infinitely more impressive.

You can view (and shop) the rest of the Hearth & Hand collection on Target.com. The final season of “Fixer Upper” is set to air on HGTV on November 21. Both Tim Tebow and Barbara Bush are expected to make special appearances throughout the season, and Chip and Joanna both have called Season 5 their best one yet.