16 Hilarious Church Signs That Will Make You LOL


A short Bible verse, an encouraging word, or basic information about the pastor or church– that’s what you’d expect to see on a church sign, but not all churches take that approach. Or really, any approach, it seems.

16 Hilarious Church Signs That Will Make You LOL:

1. Some people don’t know when to stop.

2. Hurry and visit their church before he comes back.

3. When you don’t add punctuation or have adequate space, it can be problematic…

4. Just come already!

5. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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This church sign is hilarious. #funnychurchsigns #puns

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6. They’ll change it again in the fall.

7. Your Ash! What’d you think it said?

8. When the pastor is a “Star Wars” fan.


9. This sign is cray cray.


10. Pumpkin spice is in everything these days.

11. At least you’d know what to expect.

12. I mean, I’m just saying…

13. Wait. What?

14. Single and ready to mingle (appropriately, of course).


15. The sign guy has no shame.

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Lol #funnychurchsigns so true!

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16. You’ve been warned.