10 Hilarious Taxidermy Fails We Can’t Believe Are Real


Death is a natural part of life – part of the circle of life, as they say. But what’s not so natural is trying to make something dead, look life-like.

However, it appears that some taxidermists are better than others. These poor animals, for instance, were immortalized forever in some of the most hilarious ways.

10 Hilarious Taxidermy Fails:

1. Pretty sure this guy was scarier in real life.

4. Dude has been using Crest White Strips all his life (and thereafter too, it seems).

5. Cat: “Surprise party for me? You shouldn’t have!”

6. Just leaving this poor, little guy right here.

7. Someone really wanted to remember their loving cat just the way she was.

8. I present to you the King of the Jungle.

9. Kids, this is why you shouldn’t do drugs.

10. Fox: “Being dead’s the BEST!”

And if you thought those were funny, you should watch this video. If you thought those were in poor taste, don’t watch this video.