Hoda Kotb Shared Her Secret Shoe Hack Involving Maxi Pads and It’s Actually Pretty Brilliant

Kathie Lee and Hoda Official Instagram / @klgandhoda

If there’s one thing we know for certain about Hoda Kotb, it’s that she’s not afraid to keep it real, even if it means she might look a little silly doing it. 

During a recent segment on “Today,” Hoda was talking with Spice Girls’ Mel B when she shared a very special shoe hack to help keep your high heels comfortable— and all you need is an old-fashioned maxi pad. 

“You are going to feel like you’re on a cloud,” Hoda tells her. So, how does it work? Hoda recommends getting maxi pads without wings that you can adhere to the inside of your heel and, voila, you’re walking on air. 

Granted, Mel B gave it a try and said she didn’t notice a difference, but to each their own! 

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