You Can Sleep In Two Countries At Once In This Hotel

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Yes, you read that right.

At Hotel Arbez located in both France and Switzerland, you can keep your feet in France and your head in Switzerland while you sleep. Or the other way around if you have a particular fondness for Switzerland.

The border runs through the hotel, which was built before France and Switzerland finalized their border. Fortunately, you only need a passport to one of the countries to reside in the hotel.

If dining’s your thing, you can eat in the restaurant that’s split right down the middle, with a splash of cuisine from both cultures.

Interestingly enough, the upstairs of the building turns into Switzerland, meaning that during World War II, German soldiers couldn’t go upstairs, providing a safe haven for refugees.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere pretty amazing to visit while you’re in Europe, this hotel has got you covered. And the best part? It only costs $107 for a two person room. Not bad for an amazing slice of history.