How to Satisfy Your Budget-Busting Starbucks Craving at Home For (Much) Less


My pesky coffee habit was birthed during journalism school, and since then, it’s been a constant battle to stay away from Starbucks. My love for the chain is real, but my need to pay rent is realer.

Here are some ways I satisfy my Starbucks coffee and tea cravings from the affordable comfort of my own home.

How to Satisfy Your Budget-Busting Starbucks Craving at Home, For (Much) Less:

1. Boxed Chai

If you love the chai lattes at Starbucks, get this: you can have eight of these for the price of one at home. Just pick up the Tazo Chai Spiced Black Tea Latte Concentrate in the tea section at your grocery store and mix it with milk. It honestly tastes exactly the same and it’s so much cheaper.

Easy to make. Easier to enjoy. #SweetMeetsSpicy

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Same goes for the iced teas, if those are more up your alley.

2. Milk Frother

My roommate in college had a milk frother, and at first I thought it was kind of silly. Man, was I wrong. Simply putting frothed milk in your coffee or espresso makes it feel (and taste) ten times more special. I felt less tempted to go out and buy a latte because I knew I could essentially have the same thing at home with a lot less hassle.

Dear @nespresso #milkfrother you have changed my life #thatisall

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3. Flavored Coffee Creamer

If the fun flavors are what keep you running back to Starbucks, swap out your plain milk for flavored coffee creamer. Simple as that.

Poof! You just became a morning person. Thank @sugarandcloth for her Iced Caramel Macchiato recipe. #SweetThrowback

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4. Travel Mug

If you keep going out to buy coffee, maybe it’s because that old freebie coffee travel mug you have at home always leaks all over the place. Invest in one you love, and you’ll actually enjoy using it.

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