The Easy Way To Spike A Watermelon


Summertime, the season of kicking back relaxing, and enjoying the late evening sun. There is nothing better than a drink and watermelon for those firefly-filled nights, so why not put the two together? Spiked watermelon can be eaten on its own with a spoon or added to a cocktail for a fresh twist on an old favorite. You can even turn the watermelon into a keg and drink it straight out of the rind.

  • 1 round watermelon, the more spherical the better
  • 1/2 bottle clear liquor (rum, vodka, etc.)
  1. Cut a small circular hole in the top of a round watermelon. Remove the pug with a corkscrew. don’t throw it away.
  2. With a long spoon or meta skewer, break up some of the fruit to make room for the alcohol. You may have to pour out some of the juice.
  3.  Add the alcohol. You can do this by either adding small amounts at a time through a funnel or inserting the bottleneck into the hole and letting the bottle sit a spell.