10 Pictures of Ina Garten’s Storybook Garden

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If you watch Ina Garten‘s show or follow her on Instagram, you know for certain that she takes pride in two things: Her husband, and her garden. Her barn-style home in New York is gorgeous in and of itself but if I were Ina, I’d spend all of my time outside sitting by that garden…and eating delicious food, because I’m Ina Garten.

10 Pictures of Ina Garten’s Storybook Garden:


Ina first got into gardening after Martha Stewart introduced her to her landscape designer, and the rest was history. It has a rose cottage, irises, lupines and willows.


I mean really, does this not look like it’s straight from a storybook?


I think I’d take a stroll down this path every single day if I lived there.


Even the door to her rose cottage is majestic.


She says she loves to sit in this spot on quiet days and watch the fog come in. Can you imagine?? Serene!


Seriously, who has a vegetable garden that looks this good?


Ina says tulips and bluebells look beautiful together, and here’s the proof: