Ina Garten Showed Off Her $15,500 Custom French Stove In Her New Apartment and It’s Incredible


If anyone is going to have a $15k, 7-burner, custom-built stove, it should be Ina Garten, right?

The Barefoot Contessa posted a picture on Instagram showing off her brand-new Lacanche stove with custom gold detailing, and it’s probably nicer than my house. Definitely nicer than my car.

“First day cooking on my new @lacanche_us range – so much fun,” she captioned the post.

According to Time Money, Garten customized Lacanche’s “Sully” model that starts at $13,850. She added two burners for $825 a pop and had them use black and brass hardware throughout.

“What was important to her was to have two ovens of the same size that could bake side by side, with one being electric and one being gas,” said Elisa Waysenson, vice president of Lacanche’s East Coast operations. “She wanted a lot of burners, but also a lot of simplicity.”

The first thing she made? Pistachio Meringues. Of course.