12 Insane Man vs. Food Challenges You Can Try For Yourself


It’s impressive and a little scary how much food people will eat in order to win a food challenge and get a free meal (with a side of belly aching and clogged arteries). There are hundreds of restaurants across the U.S. that offer these “free if you can finish it” meals, but these 12 take the cake (or steak) for being the most insane.


1. The Big Texan Steak Ranch // 72 oz Steak Challenge // Amarillo, Texas

One person must eat a meal consisting of shrimp cocktail, baked potato, salad, a buttered roll, and a 72-ounce (4.5 pound) steak in one hour. The meal is free to anyone who can successfully consume every single ounce in the 60 minute time limit.

2. The West End Tavern // Wing King Challenge // Boulder, Colorado

One person must eat 50 chicken wings in under 30 minutes. Wing King title holders receive their 50 wings for free, plus a championship t-shirt, and get their photo posted on West End Tavern’s website.

3. Crown Candy Kitchen // 5 Malt Challenge // St. Louis, Missouri

In this challenge, participants must drink 5 malts (or shakes) in 30 minutes. Winners of the challenge receive a t-shirt and get their name added to Crown Candy Kitchen’s Wall of Winners.

4. HWY 55 Burgers, Shakes, & Fries // Five Five Challenge // Multiple Locations across the U.S.

Eat a 55 oz. burger with at least four trimmings, plus fries, and a 24 oz. drink in 30 minutes, and the meal is free. Plus, winners get their name listed on the restaurant’s website.


5. Round Rock Donut’s // 2 lb. Donut Challenge // Round Rock, Texas

No prize for this one, but eating this Texas-sized donut is no easy task. It’s almost equal to eating a dozen donuts.


6. Chompie’s Restaurants // Ulimate Slider Challenge // Multiple Locations in the U.S.

Challenger’s must finish a five-pound platter of twelve Jewish Sliders and a mountain of onion rings in thirty minutes or less. Winners receive a spot on Chompie’s “Wall of Fame.”

7. Harvey’s Country Cupboard // Attack the Stack Challenge // Big Run, Pennsylvania

This challenge requires participants to eat a extra large stack of pancakes with their choice of meat and two eggs. Winners receive a t-shirt and bragging rights, of course.

8. San Francisco Creamery Co. // Kitchen Sink Challenge // San Francisco, California
Challengers must eat three sliced bananas, eight scoops of ice cream, eight toppings and mounds of whipped cream, chopped toasted almonds and cherries in a record-breaking time. The current record is 16 minutes and 37 seconds, but if you break the record and win the challenge, you can win free ice cream for a year and get your picture placed in a frame until another challenger can beat your time.

9. Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria // The Giant Sicilian Pizza Eating Challenge // Multiple Locations in Southern California

The Grand Sicilian Pizza Challenge is a team challenge. Seven people are given two hours to eat a 54″ x 54″ 50 lb., one-topping pizza. Winners not only get their meal for free but can also win up to $1,000.

10. Casa Blanca Restaurant // Mega Burrito Challenge // Santa Barbara, California

Finish this Mega Burrito in 30 minutes and win the meal and $500.

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Decided to take on this Mega Burrito Challenge at Casa Blanca Restaurant in Santa Barbara. You get $500 if you finish within 30 minutes or you pay $40 if you don't. I could not finish in 30 minutes as I spent a lot of time chewing and my pace was slowing down as time went on. Most competitive eaters swallow with minimal chewing (I can't hang like that, nor do I want to). They told me it was going to be about 6#'s. I took home what I didn't finish, weighed it and estimated that the burrito was more in the 7-8# range. Regardless it was massive and I put a good dent in it but 30 mins was not long enough for me. Afterwards we picked up smoothies from Blenders for the drive home. Looking forward to eating "normal" meals again. #foodchallenge #rediculous #burritochallenge #food #burrito #manvsfood

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11. Jake’s Sandwich Board // 5-Pound Philly Challenge // Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Participants have 45 minutes to eat a two-foot steak, brisket, or pork sandwich weighing about 3 pounds, four soft pretzels, twelve TastyKakes, two dozen Peanut Chews, and a Champ Cherry Soda. Winners get their meal comped.

12. Eagle’s Deli // Eagles Challenge // Brighton, Massachusetts

The Eagles Challenge requires eating five pounds of burger, twenty pieces of bacon, and twenty pieces of American cheese. Winners gets a free meal, a t-shirt, their picture on the wall of fame, and a $100 gift card.