12 Items Every Man Should Wear This Fall


Put away your polo’s and t-shirts … it’s fall, the best season for menswear. It’s the time of the year when layered looks and textured fabrics come into play. Below is a list of the 12 things every man should wear this fall. It’s basically a “Men’s Fall Fashion For Dummies.”

12 Items Every Man Should Wear This Fall:

1. Oxford Button Down

This is a no-brainer, as there’s very little that won’t go with a button down shirt. It’s the go-to layer for your suit, with or without the tie. It can also be worn under a sweater or with jeans.

2. Flannel

When it’s not quite sweater weather, its flannel weather. Layer it over a sweater or under a sport jacket for an effortless look.


3. Dark Denim Jeans

You can even go black. Dark denim is easier to dress up than distressed denim, and you’ll get way more wear out of it. They can be worn with a sports coat, a polo or your favorite t-shirt. Remember jeans are an investment piece, so don’t skimp.


4. Corduroy Pants

Sometimes your legs just need to get dressed up. That’s where cords come in. They’ve been around forever, come in just about every color and besides, no one can wear jeans all the time.

5. Tweed Sport Jacket

No matter how old you are, or what your style is, there is a tweed sports jacket that suits you perfectly. Casual touches like elbow patches and ticket pockets are perfect. It’s been the every man’s go-to sport jacket since before the days of Fred Astaire and Clarke Gable.

6. Cashmere Sweaters

Crewneck, V-neck, or cardigan; they’re fantastic pieces of clothing. And, just so you know, cashmere wool comes from the under hairs of goats that live in very dry, rugged regions.

7. Crew Neck Sweatshirts

Ditch the hoodie and slip on this classic, by itself or over a button-down.

8. Motorcycle Jacket

It’s got a daredevil aura and you never have to hurt a soul.

9. Harrington Jacket

It’s not as heavy as your motorcycle jacket, but better than a windbreaker and goes with everything. Just remember to stick with your neutral colors, like navy or khaki.

10. Dress Boots

Chukka boots are a classic suede option: ankle-high with two or three holes for laces. Not only are they stylish enough for a date, they look great with khakis or jeans in an office environment.


11. Fall Accessories

Don’t be afraid to spice up your outfit with some extras, just remember the more basic is better. Sunglasses and belts should be investment pieces, so pick out styles that could work for you year-round.

12. Layers

Fall weather is inherently changeable, and you should layer with light clothing that you can add and take off as the weather changes.