Jason Aldean Watches His First Baseball Game With His Son

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One of the great joys and responsibilities of parenting is guiding a child in the way they should live. It is constant effort to try and turn them from bad behavior to that which will serve them the rest of their life. For Jason Aldean, that includes the baseball team his sons should root for. So, even though the regular season hasn’t started, Aldean plopped his son down in front of the TV to watch the Atlanta Braves.

“Gotta start ’em early,” Aldean said to the camera while his son watched his ver first baseball game.

I gotta say he looks interested. But, to be fair, kids that age are equally interested in ceiling fans. Sadly, the Braves were as dynamic as a ceiling fan and lost to the Mets 6-2. But hey, it’s just spring training. Wins and losses don’t matter until March 29.