The Picture Jenna Bush Hager Keeps By Her Bed of Her Parents Will Make You Cry


Politics aside, I’m kind of a huge fan of the Bush family. Since Jenna Bush Hager‘s addition to “Today,” we’ve gotten a number of personal moments with the two First Families that we may not have otherwise.

Most recently, the women of “Today” sat down together to discuss the recent baby boom on the show with Kathie Lee Gifford who has grown children, where they shared deeply personal thoughts and feelings about being a mom.

Jenna, before sharing about her journey of motherhood, shared the most wonderful story about her parents– President George W. Bush and Laura Bush.

“My parents couldn’t get pregnant for a lot of years, and so they tried to adopt, and the day they found they were pregnant with us was the day they found out that they had been accepted to adopt,” Jenna shared.

She also revealed that she keeps a photo of her parents next to her bed– it’s the photo George and Laura sent in with their adoption application.


Too sweet.