5 Pieces Of Affordable Jewelry To Fill Your Stocking With

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Holiday shopping can be difficult at times, especially when you’re looking for the perfect thing. For the jewelry junkie in your life, though, we’ve got you covered. These gorgeous pieces will be something you or your loved ones can wear for years, and they’re super stylish as well. Get your stockings ready.

1. Jewelry Junkie // Ocean Agate Pendant

Country Outfitter

With gorgeous ocean agate, this pendant is one you won’t want to stop wearing. Perfectly rustic, with a bit of charm and sophistication, this pendant will go with just about anything.

2. Loren Olivia // Turquoise Solitaire Ring

Country Outfitter

You can’t go wrong with a classic turquoise. Nestled in a gorgeous gold plated frame, this ring makes the perfect gift for a daughter or niece.

3. Jewelry Junkie // Dragon Vein Bracelet

Country Outfitter

For the whimsical, this dragon vein bracelet will put them in touch with their spiritual side. Comfy to wear, slightly rustic, and colorful, this bracelet can please a lot of people.

4. Elise M. // Celeste Ring

Country Outfitter

This turquoise and jasper beauty is plated with real 18k gold, and adjusts to fit. Not a bad deal for its fantastic price.

5. Jewelry Junkie // Antique Gold Arrow Earrings

Country Outfitter

Perfect for the Hunger Games fan in your family, these arrow earrings are light, sleek, and slightly whimsical, making for a gorgeous stocking stuffer that will make anyone’s day just a bit better.