Brighten Up Any Room With This Beautiful DIY Decor


Here’s a brilliant idea to add instant sparkle to any room. If you’ve got beautiful heirloom brooches that you’re afraid to wear, or you’re afraid they’ve gone out of style, you can preserve them with this beautiful brooch display, adding a little bit of light to your room while preserving beautiful heirloom jewelry. This is perfect for any dark room that needs a splash of light and color.

What You’ll Need:

  • Photo frame with wall mount hook (see note)
  • Brooch
  • Low-loft batting
  • Natural burlap fabric
  • Glue gun
  • Stapler or staple gun


1. Remove the back panel, cardboard insert and glass piece from frame. Save glass for another use.

2. Cut a piece of batting the same size as the cardboard insert. For the background piece, glue batting onto the cardboard, edges matching.

3. Cut a piece of fabric about 11/2 in. larger than the background piece on all sides.

4. Lay fabric wrong side up on work surface. Place background piece, batting side down, onto the center of the fabric. Wrap one side of fabric around to the cardboard side of background piece and staple.

5. Pulling the fabric taut, wrap and secure the opposite side in the same way. Wrap and secure the remaining 2 sides in the same way, folding fabric at back as if wrapping a gift.

6. With the fabric right side down, insert the wrapped piece into frame. Replace the back panel. Pin brooch to center front through the fabric and batting.

Note: Before wrapping fabric over the cardboard insert and batting, make sure everything will fit in the frame with the back panel in place. The fit should be snug but allow for the bulk created by wrapped fabric ends.