“Fixer Upper’s” Jimmy Don Holmes Updates Fans on Life After Show


As millions of fans tuned in to see Chip and Joanna Gaines on the hit show Fixer Upper, they also loved to check in with the show’s long list of supporting characters, including Jimmy Don Holmes of JDH Iron Designs.

In fact, the burly man was long shown on the show collaborating with the couple on new pieces of work which were then showcased in various homes

“I love it,” Holmes says of the attention he has received thanks to the show in a brand new interview with a Texas newspaper. “Joanna (Gaines) made me famous. I tried to deny that for a couple of years, but now I admit it.”

Holmes’ exquisite work can now be found on sale at a new trailer shop near Magnolia Market in Texas. This new rolling location has certainly kept him busy since the show ended, often welcoming nearly 400 people per day eager to take a look at his metal-crafted products priced from $40 to $150 a piece.

He hopes to move to a permanent location by mid-March and continue his relationship with the Gaines family.

“The Gaineses have been good to me, and I love them to death,” Holmes said. “I would not do anything to jeopardize that relationship.”

Chip and Joanna recently announced their plans to return to television with their very own network, and while it’s unclear whether or not Jimmy Don will be making an appearance, we have a good feeling his run with the Gaines duo is far from over.