Joanna Gaines Shares Sweet Picture of Her “Snow Angel,” Baby Crew

Joanna Gaines Instagram / @joannagaines

We get it. You might be getting tired of winter. You might be getting tired of the heavy coats and the bulky boots and the fact that your eyes tear up every time you walk outside. But as much of the country begins their own spring countdown, one must admit that winter has its adorable moments.

On Saturday (Feb. 2,) Joanna Gaines gave fans a little taste of winter when she shared a picture of her and husband Chip Gaines’ son Crew in the snow. All bundled up in a North Face snowsuit, Crew laid in the snow looking like the cutest snow angel ever.

“My very own snow angel,” she said about the sweet photo.

Joanna Gaines Instagram / @joannagaines
Joanna Gaines Instagram / @joannagaines

As 7-month old Crew gets older, he just gets cuter and cuter. And yes, Gaines can’t help but try to capture as many of these fleeting moments as she can. Yet, she tries to keep everything in perspective.

“I love to snap photos of my kids whenever it’s physically possible,” she wrote in a recent story in her magazine, Magnolia Journal.

“My camera roll is constant full because of it, but when I hear myself start to say something like ‘move slightly to the left’ just so I can get the perfect angle, that’s when I know it’s time to check myself. … Perhaps I’ll post that photo in a few days when I have some distance from it and a fresh frame of mind. Or maybe I won’t.”