Joanna Gaines Shares the Sweet Reason Why Dinner is the Most Important Meal for Her Family

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You’ve likely heard it said once or twice that breakfast is the most important meal of the day– and while that might be true from a scientific, nutritional standpoint, Joanna Gaines has a different opinion that we can all get behind. In the spring edition of Magnolia Journal, Joanna shared that as her family has grown and become more and more busy over the last couple of years, dinner has become a vital part of their family routine.

“The significance of having dinner at home has evolved for our kids over the years and for me as well,” she shared. “Lately, I’ve noticed that the kids want to stay in even when we could go out. Instead of dinner at a fun restaurant, they ask to stay home and for me to cook.”

At first, Joanna was surprised by her kids’ request to skip out on fast food, but then she realized why her kids were making the request.

“Right now, our lives are the busiest they’ve ever been, and I think a leisurely meal around the table is just what my kids need to feel grounded,” she said. “We tend to eat a little slower, and we don’t excuse ourselves until everyone is done– our minds and hearts have time to settle in, and we hunker down to hear more about one another’s day.”

She of course acknowledges that cooking for your family after a long day of work is easier said than done, but that you should look at is as a gift instead of a chore.

“I’m creating for my family. Not just the food, but the time together around our table that night,” she said.Whatever it may be, intentional time with your loved ones isn’t one more thing to overdo or plan to perfection. It will never be the dinner itself that makes it matter. It’s that beautiful thing that happens when everyone lingers at the table even though the meal is over.”

Chip and Joanna are currently expecting their fifth child, and are working on opening their new restaurant in Waco, Magnolia Table.