Joanna Gaines Went To Four Fast Food Restaurants in One Night Because of Pregnancy Cravings and I’ve Never Respected Her More

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joanna gaines baby

Everyone knows that one of the side effects of being pregnant is the urge to eat really weird things— and some women will go to lengths to get that perfect thing to quench their cravings. Even Joanna Gaines.

Joanna, who is expecting her fifth child (and third boy) with her husband Chip, talked with People about how their family is prepping for baby no. 5, including her go-to cravings.

“Fruity Pebbles with milk, or I’ll make Fruity Pebble crispy rice cereal treats, any kind of cereal with too much sugar,” she said of her current cravings.

“I even went to four different fast-food places to get four of my favorite things,” she said. “Fries from one place, chicken tenders from another, soft drink from another place because I love their ice and custard from another. I have no regrets. It was a good night.”

A woman after my own heart!

Joanna can’t help but have food on her mind lately. She just released her new cookbook, “Magnolia Table,” packed with their family-favorite recipes, as well as a few select dishes that are being served at their restaurant, also called Magnolia Table.