Joanna Gaines Trying to Do A Back Walkover is Priceless [Watch]


There are so many things that Joanna Gaines can do that any mere mortal can’t. But a back walkover is not one of them.

In a post on Instagram, Joanna shared a video of  her daughters gymnastics class running through a round off and backflip. Nothing unusual about that—a parent showing the talents of their kids is normal, right? Well, keep watching. As soon as the little girl finishes her moves, Joanna sneaks into frame for her shot at a back walkover.

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She starts off perfectly, with the pointed toe and arms raised. If you don’t know, Joanna was a former gymnast. So clearly she’s got this. Even as she bends over backwards, it’s looking good. We’re going to  her credit for even being able to go that far. But it all falls apart as she lifts her legs over and lands on her head, falling to the side. A for effort.

“When you think you still got it… but you don’t,” Joanna wrote next to the video.

We all know that Joanna’s still got it. In fact, her and husband Chip just purchased a castle in Waco, Texas for their next project and are working with Discovery Networks for a brand new television network inspired by their brand.