Joanna Gaines Put Together The Sweetest Keepsakes For Her Kids of Their Old Baby Clothes


Over the Christmas holiday, Joanna Gaines did what many of us do when we have breaks from work and errands: she cleaned out and organized her house.

In a series of pictures on her Instagram story, Joanna documented the process, from her attic to her kitchen cabinets. After finding all of her kid’s old baby clothes, she decided to put together the sweetest keepsake bags for each kid.

“I finally packed my favorite baby clothes and shoes for each kid. I wrote them a note for later in case they are sentimental like their momma,” she captioned the post, including the hashtags #storiesfromtheattic and #stillhere

So for all you mamas out there with boxes of old baby clothes, find a tight-sealed box or bag that you can store your baby clothes in to later gift to your kids, along with a letter from you. It might seem far off, but they’ll be so thankful to have it one day!