4 Tips From Joanna Gaines on How To Renovate Your Kitchen on a Budget

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I don’t know about you but when I watch an episode of “Fixer Upper,” I always find myself thinking how easy some of the upgrades Chip and Joanna do are. Granted, I’m no Joanna Gaines and I never will be, but I can choose a paint color and know how to put together a gallery wall, so I’m pretty close, right?

Joanna recently shared some easy tips with PopSugar on how to give your kitchen a refresh without spending a ton of cash– and we’re here for it.

4 Tips From Joanna Gaines on How To Renovate Your Kitchen on a Budget:

1. Be honest with yourself.

Joanna says it’s important to be realistic about what you can afford, and what you can accomplish on your own. “When you walk in and there’s nothing in the kitchen, it’s really easy to like say, ‘Oh gosh, I hate the floors; I hate the countertops– Find your top two or three things you just can’t live with. Then on everything else, you layer and you almost cheat it a bit,” she says.

2. Hide the things you can’t stand.

If there’s something in your kitchen that just drives you nuts, find creative ways to hide it. “If you hate the backsplash but the countertop is OK, keep the countertop, because when you put your canisters on there, your tea towel, that kind of stuff is what people will notice when they walk in. Not, ‘oh, look at the countertops,” she said. Add rugs if you hate your floors, too.

3. DIY what you can.

“Fifteen years ago, Google wasn’t a thing, so I had to figure all this crap out on the fly and literally at the library, looking at an encyclopedia, but now with Google and YouTube, watching somebody do this isn’t hard,” she said. She recommends doing low-to-medium-skill level projects yourself– just take your time!

4. Find creative ways to improve the items you have.

“One of the things I loved the most when we were on a budget was just the research, finding different ways. How could you paint a backsplash? How could you find new ways to work with what you have,” she said. People are painting floors and pretty much everything in between these days– find unique ways to upgrade the stuff you have.