Joanna Gaines’ Fool-Proof Trick for Picking the Right Paint Color from Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines is Brilliant


Few things are worse than buying a tub of paint and painting an entire wall only to realize that you hate the color or that it doesn’t look the way you intended– and of course, Joanna Gaines is here to fix that.

Joanna recently launched her new paint line, Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines, filled with over 150 high-quality interior paint colors. While I personally think you couldn’t go wrong with any shade hand-selected by Joanna Gaines, she did include a fool-proof way to make sure you pick the right color for your space.

For $2 a piece, you can order 8-inch by 10-inch peel-and-stick swatches of Joanna’s 25 select Market Collection colors that you can move around your space to make sure it looks the way you’d like in the darkest and lightest spots of your home. According to the Magnolia website, you can remove and reapply the swatches again and again as needed.


Select colors of Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines’ paint are available at Target stores, but all shades are available on the Ace Hardware website.