This Is The $2.9 Million Kentucky Horse Farm That Johnny Depp Can’t Seem To Sell

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When you think of Johnny Depp, you probably don’t imagine him living on a horse farm, right? But the actor currently owns a horse farm in Lexington, Kentucky that, at the casual price of $2.9 million, he just can’t seem to sell.

According to the property’s listing, the farm sits on a 41-acre estate that includes two horse barns, 15 stalls, in-ground pool, a four-car garage, guest house, paddocks, 6 bedrooms and 6.5 baths.

Depp tried to sell the property at an auction, but the highest bid he received was for $1.4 million, which is about half of what he originally asked. So, for now, the property is still available and is yours for the taking–you know, if you have an extra $2.9 million burning a hole in your pocket.