Jonathan Scott Claps Back at Social Media Trolls With Frank Video Message: “Piss Off– You’re No Longer Welcome”


If you’re a celebrity on social media, it’s pretty much a guarantee that people (i.e. trolls) will leave negative, hateful and hurtful comments on practically anything you post– but “Property Brothers” host Jonathan Scott has had enough.

Over the weekend, countless people across the nation participated in “March For Our Lives,” a demonstration inspired and led by students across the country in demand of more safety for schools in regards to gun control. Jonathan posted a photo on his Instagram account from the D.C. march with the caption, “It’s hard to define what’s most important to me… There are many things. But protecting the innocent definitely tops the list. I support you. #MarchForOurLives #FamilyFirst #KidsFirst”

After receiving backlash from the post, Jonathan shared a video addressing his trolls.

“If it offends you when I post saying I believe in protecting our nation’s children and supporting their right to free speech. Well, I’m sorry you feel that right is only for the privileged few,” he said. “If it offends you when I say that I believe equality, respect and understanding are the only way to grow our society stronger, well I’m sorry that you harbor such pain and resentment inside you because you shouldn’t.”

He shared that reading the comments people leave makes him sick to his stomach. “I see all of your negative comments hateful comments that you post and it gives me that pit in the bottom of my stomach because I’m posting something good and positive,” he says. “So let me give you a little me advice that my mother gave me 37 years ago, and that’s if you don’t have something nice to say keep it to yourself.”

He closed with a message to his followers: “I just want everybody to come and enjoy the experience. We are all about everybody getting inspired,” he said. “And if after all that you still feel like you wanna come in here and post something negative and hateful, well, frankly, piss off because you are no longer welcome.”