9 Ways To Keep Your Dog Calm On The Fourth Of July

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Independence Day weekend is a time of family, celebration, and excitement for humans. But for your furry friend, it can sound like the world is ending. From dogs that bark all night, to those that have panic attacks at the sound of fireworks, it’s easy to see how stressful our celebrations are for your pet. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make Independence Day a calmer affair for your pooch.

Ways To Keep Your Dog Calm On The 4th:

1. Keep Your Dog Inside

This sounds like common sense, but so many people opt for leaving their dogs in the yard over the holiday weekend. This might seem like a good idea if you’re worried about them destroying furniture in their panic, but nothing could be worse for a high-strung dog. Outside, they can’t tell where the fireworks are coming from, and they feel like they need to defend themselves and their loved ones from an attack. Leave them indoors and take some of the load off their backs.

2. Wear Him Out

A tired dog is a calm dog. Take your pooch for a walk before the festivities begin. If he’s used to running, take him to do that. The more energy you can get your dog to expend, the better. That way he has less to spend barking and working himself up.

3. Keep Windows, Doors, and Curtains Closed

Panicked dogs will break screen doors, bolt, and stay at the window trying to ‘fight off’ the fireworks. Do your pup a favor and keep the windows, doors, and blinds closed. They’ll be secure, and the shut curtains can block some of the flashing lights.

4. Fill The House With Other Sounds

Leave the TV or radio on to fill the house with some white noise. This noise will block out some of the fireworks and help to create a more calming environment for your dog. If the normal noises of the house are on, he’ll be less likely to freak out.

5. Stay Calm

Your demeanor has a huge effect on your dog’s sense of safety. If you’re calm, he’s more likely to stay calm. But if you jump at every firework, he’s going to take that as a queue to protect you, leading to a very worked up puppy.

6. Let Him Hide

This sounds like common sense, but if he wants to hide, let him hide. Pulling him forcefully from his hiding spot is hardly going to create 4th of July memories you two will cherish.

7. Give Him Something To Do

Fill a puzzle toy with treats and let him go to town. The mental stimulation of getting the treat from its holder will distract him from the fireworks at hand, giving him a sense of calm amid the chaos.

8. Keep His Collar On

You’ll want to leave his collar and all of his tags on, just in case. Scared pets will bolt, and the 4th of July gives them an excellent reason to pull a Houdini. Having his tags on him will make his return easy, should the worst happen.

9. Stay Home With Him

If all else fails, stay home with your pet. You don’t have to stay by his side at all times, but having you there to check on him periodically is bound to make his Independence Day a little calmer and happier.