Keith Richards is Writing a Children’s Book

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Yes, that Keith Richards. That Keith Richards, of the Rolling Stones, is writing a children’s book. Take a deep breath, let it resonate. Keith Richards, legendary rockstar is now a children’s book author.

For clarification’s sake, this guy is writing a children’s book.

What in the world will Keith Richards write about that is suitable for small children? Will he recount stories from the days of yore and give detailed stories of everything that went down in hotels across the globe with the Rolling Stones? Will it be a what not to do type of thing? Will it be about him? Sure, Richards has cleaned up his act lately and claims to be an avid reader, but really? For kids?

In light of this announcement, here are some celebrities, we’d be shocked to hear are writing children’s books:

Lady Gaga

Toby Keith

Mick Jagger


Miley Cyrus

Lindsay Lohan

Amanda Bynes

Justin Beiber

But, seriously. We hope the book is awesome and does well. And honestly, who wouldn’t read this?

Image sources: Janet Meyer, Wild1, Solarpix, Landmark/ PR Photos