Kelsea Ballerini Walks Through The Every Day Necessities She Carries In Her Purse

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A purse is part fashion, part storage, part first-aid kit, and part salon. It is the keeper of everything a woman wants or needs when she leaves home and just as every woman is unique, so also is her purse. Getting to look into someone’s purse is a look into who they are, in a way. So when fashionista and superstar Kelsea Ballerini opens her bag, we pay attention.

Of course, there are some standard items (cell phone) and some trash (receipts, old hotel keys, etc.) in Kelsea’s bag, but there are some interesting things too, like her handy dandy “saving grace” kit that she takes everywhere. It has Motrin, a sewing kit, ponytail holders, bandaids–everything that you may not think of but will save you in a pinch. It is small enough to go everywhere with her and saves her a lot, mostly because she loves “ridiculous shoes.” Her words, not ours.