Colonel Sanders’ Nephew Casually Revealed the Super-Secret KFC Original Recipe and We Can’t Wait to Try It


At last, the incredibly secret recipe for KFC’s fried chicken has been revealed. The eleven herbs and spices mixed with loving care by the Colonel himself have been a closely guarded family secret for decades. We could have only speculated as to what was in that addicting batter. Well wonder no more.

Joe Ledington, the Colonel’s own nephew, casually revealed the recipe in an interview with the Chicago Tribune.

“That is the original 11 herbs and spices that were supposed to be so secretive,” he says with conviction as he pointed to the list.

And here it is:

    • Flour (2 cups)
    • Celery salt (1 TBSP)
    • Dried Mustard (1 TBSP)
    • White pepper (1 TBSP)
    • Garlic salt (1 TBSP)
    • Paprika (4 TBSP)
    • Ground ginger (1 TBSP)
    • Basil (1/2 TBSP)
    • Salt (1/3 TBSP)
    • Thyme (1/2 TBSP)
    • Oregano (1/3 TBSP)
    • Black pepper (1 TBSP)


But surely he left one out, maybe the secret ingredient?

“The main ingredient is white pepper,” he said casually, almost anticipating the question. “I call that the secret ingredient. Nobody (in the 1950s) knew what white pepper was. Nobody knew how to use it.”

And if you want to make it, Business insider has compiled the recipe.

Joe, you may be a family pariah now, but we, the public, thank you.