Kids Try Bubble Tea (And Some Are A Lot More Hype About It Than Others)

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If you’ve missed it, bubble tea (sometimes known as boba tea) is rising in popularity across the nation. This stuff is essentially sweetened tea with milk added to it, topped with little tapioca balls that you consume through an oversized straw.

Yeah, they’re a little bit odd (but super delicious).

These kids had the dubious honor of taste testing their very own bubble tea, and most of them aren’t too thrilled. Kids are strange about texture in their food, and well, it’s hard to get around the idea of a piece of tapioca in your tea.

Still, we think their imagination was their own worst enemy here, as the kids who didn’t freak out as much tended to have a more open mind about the drink. Check out their hilarious reaction below. Would you try bubble tea?