Try Not To Feel Old Watching Southern Kids Figure Out An Old Telephone

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When I was a kid, landlines were a big issue. You couldn’t talk to your friends and be online at the same time, so you begged and pleaded with your parents to get a second line to talk to your friends. Kids today don’t know that struggle. In fact, southern kids don’t even know how to use an old phone. Most kids think a “phone” is a small block you can fit in your pocket. In fact, they look baffled when an old telephone is set in front of them.


Southern Living filmed a group of southern kids trying out an old rotary phone and it is equal parts hilarious and painful. I feel old, but can’t help but laugh at the kids trying to figure out how to text on a rotary phone.

It’s a phone. You actually have to remember people’s numbers. How many numbers do you remember? You at least remember your home number. What would happen to kids today if they didn’t have their phone? I worry for the kids, y’all. I worry!

Actually, they’ll be fine. I’m more surprised than anything that we made it to adulthood. Kids don’t know anything but, like Will Smith used to say on my cassette tape, parents just don’t understand.