12 Best/Most Hilarious Tweets from Leslie Jones About the Olympics While at the Olympics in Rio


After live-tweeting the first couple of days of Olympic action from her living room, “Saturday Night Live” cast member Leslie Jones was making such a splash, NBC flew her down to Rio de Janeiro to tweet from the actual events. She’s also making TV appearances with Ryan Seacrest, but that’s nothing compared to her Twitter commentary.

Jones’ take on the Olympics is hilarious and pretty mainstream– she is a regular person watching other regular people do insane things afterall.

12 Best/Hilarious Tweets from Leslie Jones About the Olympics While at the Olympics in Rio:
(Some inappropriate language on a few of the videos.)

1. Leslie wants Usain Bolt to give a shout out to his mom.

2. Leslie wants everyone to know she can’t do the triple jump. But, who can?

3. During a break from competition, Leslie headed to the beach, but she has some pretty solid advice for Speedo– don’t let just anyone wear your suits.

4. Leslie is a bit confused by the Olympic mascot. Who isn’t? And… is that a Pokemon?

5. Leslie doesn’t think you should be allowed to wear the American flag on your butt. Same.

6. If you thought you were a big fan of Kerri Walsh Jennings, you’re wrong. Leslie is a big fan.

7/8. Leslie, like most of us, does not understand judo.

9. Leslie wants to see roller derby at the Olympics.

10. Leslie think the tramp is a little too high.

11. Leslie got pretty close to Michael Phelps.

12. Leslie wants the world to know about the other Simone in Rio– Simone Manuel.