Jogger Declares Icy Roads “Perfect” For Jogging and No


Four years ago, the West coast was getting hammered with winter weather, much like the East coast is this year. So we thought it was prudent, nay, necessary to revisit a video warning people that business is not going on as usual. In Portland, a couple hit the road (at night, no less) to go for run, but ended up getting a little more than they bargained for.

If you have snow or ice right now, you probably can’t wait to get out in it. But consider, for a moment, what the pavement is like.

Look, If you want to run in the snow, go for it. But learn from this couple who got a fast reality check right after they finished describing how snow is “perfect” running weather.

(Side note: no it isn’t)

The camera followed them as they ran into the night and, almost immediately, hit a patch of ice. The rest is internet history.

So confident, so naive.

Runners may agree. I wouldn’t know. But she forgot one thing: winter weather is slippery.

Pride cometh before the literal fall.

Gosh, that had to be painful.

The only thing more bruised than her hip was her pride.


Be safe out there, y’all. Especially if you have never been around this kind of weather (lookin’ at you, Florida).