Margaritaville Hotel Is Bringing The Beach To Nashville

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Jimmy Buffet is creating an empire. After building a successful chain of destination restaurants, the musician announced the development of Margaritaville Retirement Communities on the east coast. Now, he is expanding to Nashville with the Margaritaville Hotel on south Broadway.

Now you can look for your lost salt shaker of salt before hitting a honky-tonk and waste away after visiting the Grand Ole Opry. The hotel is planned to be a 14-story but no public statement has been made to the number of rooms.

This is the second Margaritaville Hotel in Tennessee, the first of which is in Pigeon Forge.

​From this angle, it looks a little like a Hyatt.

But things get beachy by the pool.

The penthouse promises to have one of the best views on Broadway.

The hotel is expected to open summer of 2019.