The Pence Family Rabbit is the Presidential Pet We All Deserve

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President Trump is the first President in nearly 130 years to live without a pet dog. He doesn’t even own a goldfish. A pet-less West Wing is a national nightmare few could have fathomed possible. But, do not be afraid, for a Vice Presidential pet has hopped into the canine-shaped void. Constitutional succession apparently extends to pets. Thank goodness, once again, for the framers of the Constitution.

Marlon Bundo, VP Pence’s pet rabbit may not be the executive pet we wanted, but he’s the executive pet we deserve. The Second Family’s lil’ thumper welcomed military families to the White House in honor of Military Appreciation Month. He took a couple of questions and pats before sitting for portraits. The BOTUS then recused himself to the VP’s residence for some well deserved rest.

Having a rabbit for a pet may seem odd, but Marlon Bundo is part of a growing trend in rabbit ownership. Bunnies have their quirks like any other pet, but are a excellent indoor pets. They are clean, quiet, and very friendly but are different than dogs or cats. If you are thinking of adopting a rabbit, do some research beforehand to make sure you can adequately care for one.

Until then, you can enjoy the Second Pet on Instagram.

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Happy Valentine's, Oreo! #family

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