9 McDonald’s Menu Items That Majorly Failed


Since being founded in 1955, McDonald’s has seen a lot (!!!) of success.

I mean, as of now, there are over 36,000 restaurant locations worldwide, they serve approximately 69 million people per day and they make approximately $27.44 billion in revenue per year — that’s impressive.

But, even with all their success, there have been a few major food fails over the years. Do you remember any of these?

9 McDonald’s Menu Items That Majorly Failed:

1. McLobster

This is basically a hot dog bun stuffed with “lobster,” lettuce and sauce.

Much like the McRib, this sandwich appears every once in a while at select locations across the country, only to vanish weeks later. As a whole, it doesn’t see much success.

Currently, it’s only available in parts of New England and eastern Canada.

2. McSpaghetti

Somehow, this product is pretty popular in certain areas of the world — namely the Philippines — and even has a bit of a cult following.

But, in the U.S., this dish failed miserably.

3. McAfrika

Okay, this was more of a fail because of the name, not the taste.

The pita-like sandwich was one of the biggest marketing catastrophes McDonald’s has ever seen, because it was released in 2002 during a slew of famines in southern Africa.

They later apologized and pulled the item.


4. McHotDog

Apparently, the founder of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc, banned hot dogs because he felt they were unsanitary — understandable. But, when he died, the chain decided to try them out, and it was a total fail.

These can still be found in some locations around the world, but you will never find them in the U.S.


5. McSoup

This was literally Campbell’s soup poured into a McDonald’s cup. The company thought it would be popular in the colder seasons, but it wasn’t.


6. McPizza

First of all, no one wants to go to McDonald’s for pizza — ever. Second of all, it took 10 or more minutes to cook, which defeats the purpose of going to a fast food restaurant.

7. McSalad Shakers

The concept was okay, but in the end, people just wanted normal salads.


8. McLean Deluxe

In the 1990s, McDonald’s put this abomination out. In an attempt to be healthy, they made a burger that was a mix of lean beef and seaweed extract — ewww.


9. McD.L.T.

In an effort to keep the lettuce and tomato from getting hot, McDonald’s released this burger which separated the patty from the toppings.

This item was actually a fan-favorite, but it was discontinued after the restaurant, due to criticism from an increasingly environmentally-conscious America, decided to stop using styrofoam containers.