The McDonald’s Frork is the Utensil You Never Knew You Needed, Kind Of?

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Fast food restaurants seem like they are scrambling to get people in their doors by reinventing normal foods or just shooting their food into space. As people push for more health conscious and sustainable food options, fast food has watched their market share decrease. Now, attention is the name of the game. McDonald’s is not immune to the shakey ground and has “created” a new utensil to help you eat their craft burgers.

The tongue-in-cheek commercial shows McDonald’s self awareness and willingness to have fun at their own expense. It’s a nice change of pace for them. This, really, is for the 20-somethings. Millennials love craft goods. If you make it craft, curated, small batch, or authentic, Millennials will buy it and take pictures of it.

This invention is actually useful. Admit it. Every one of you uses fries to clean up the ketchup and sauce from your burger. Every. One. Of. You. You can make fun of the frork, but you would 100 percent use it if you had one.

*Supplies are limited. Get ’em while they last.

But, me? Nah man, I’m out. God gave me two perfectly good hands. I’ll use those.