McDonald’s Explained Why Their Burgers Look Different In The Commercials


Almost everyone I know in a moment of desperation has had to go through the experience of getting fast food. You never have high hopes for the quality, but all too often, we are still disappointed to open the bag to see something that only vaguely resembles food. I’ve had Big Macs that looked like they were prepared in zero gravity. I’ve had a Whopper that looked like modern art.

It never looks like the commercials! And why would it? It’s made by people that are making dozens of these items every hour. Speed is often the name of the game–it is fast food after all. But, the good folks over at McDonald’s were kind enough to give a peak at how much goes into making the food look so great in the commercials. It’s as painstaking and tedious as you’d imagine.

I was surprised, however, to discover it’s real food in the commercials. As in, the same ingredients they have available in a real McDonald’s. I guess I expected some master chef (and maybe some scientists) to come in and prepare special top-secret grade beef that you can’t even buy. Or maybe some CGI burgers made by Steven Spielberg or something. Regardless, the whole process is fascinating. The only question I still have is who gets to eat the commercial burger when it’s all over?