Meghan Trainor Finally Gave an Up-Close Look at Her Engagement Ring, Plus Details On Her Relationship With Daryl Sabara


Singer and songwriter Meghan Trainor announced earlier this year that she and Daryl Sabara got engaged over Christmas, and she shared a short video capturing the sweet moment. Now, she’s sharing some more details about that magical night, their wedding plans, and of course, an up-close shot at her gorgeous rock.

Meghan Trainor Engagement Ring

She shared that they dated for about a year and a half before getting engaged. She also shared that just one month into their relationship, she wrote a song called “Marry Me,” and played it on her ukulele for him. “He never left because I didn’t let him leave,” she joked.

“That cheesy thing everyone says, when you know, you know— we both knew this was crazy,” she said. “It wasn’t normal.”

As far as wedding plans go, Meghan says there’s a chance their first dance will be to the tune of one of her own songs, “Hopeless Romantic.” She shared that she wrote the song before she began dating Sabara, after only having met him once in passing at a party.

The lyrics read:

Bet we met at a party before//
You were sweet and held open the door//
Oh my, I should’ve said hi//
So if you’re out there//
And hearing this song//
Just know I’m here//
And you’re taking too long//
Baby, come and find me//
‘Cause I’ve been so patient//
And I’m sick of waiting//

It wasn’t until they began seriously dating that she realized the lyrics to the song matched her story with Sabara perfectly. “It was freaky– one of those freaky moments in life when you’re like, destiny,” she said.