The White House’s Christmas Decorations Are Gorgeous And Totally Causing a Stir


Most people spend the weekend after Thanksgiving putting up Christmas decorations: their tree covered in ornaments their children made, the stockings over the fireplace, Dad meticulously putting his lights on the house. It’s a Christmas tradition. But there is one house where the only tradition is completely going beyond expectations: The White House. Whatever you think over-the-top decorations look like, multiply that times 100.

Hold onto your butts everyone, there are dangerous levels of Yuletide ahead.

Every year the White House gets decorated for the Holiday season in grand fashion, but this year the time honored tradition goes above and beyond. Melania Trump oversaw every detail of the decorations and it is exactly what you would think.

More than 150 volunteers from 29 states spent over 1600 hours decorating the White House. In anticipation for the 25 thousand visitors who will tour it this season, the White House has baked more than 31,000 cookies.

It is all very elegant and classy, but there are some odd touches.

1. A 300-lb gingerbread house.

I call bull. Any gingerbread house worthy of the name is half-built, covered in gum drops, and a complete mess.

2. This candy that you know you aren’t allowed to eat.

3. A signed welcome letter.

​”I lieu of a simply ‘Hello’, please direct your attention to the framed letter.”

4. This super creepy hallway.

Is this Harry Potter World? Does Krampus live down here?

5. Ballerinas who are totally in the way.

FLOTUS is just trying to get to her next meeting, y’all.

6. And, a new touch that should bring love to the White House.

Yes, mistletoe! The press corps better watch out or they just may get a smooch!