6 Medal Worthy Faces By Michael Phelps


Michael Phelps has made a comeback in the Rio Olympics after recently coming out of retirement, scoring yet another gold medal already in the Mens 4x100m freestyle relay. Phelps could potentially win 6 more gold medals in 6 different races.

As prolific as Phelps is in the pool, though, his game face might be even better. Phelps’s strange combination of faces would win him a medal in our hearts any day. Check them out.


This one originated just this year at the Rio 2016 Olympics, spawning memes, commentary, and Tweets. Phelps’s look here could peel paint alone, but add in the fact that he’s staring at his rival, and you have a little more to speculate about. I mean just look at his face.

We see the resemblance, honestly. He’s also been compared to several Star Wars characters not exactly on the good side of the law.


We just hope he was psyching himself up for the competition, and not trying to glare his opponent’s hair off.


Things look a little brighter for Phelps here. If you’re wondering what the marks on his shoulders are, they’re from a medicinal technique called cupping, where cups suction away portions of skin using either vacuum or heat to help increase blood flow and improve healing speed. Don’t worry, it’s completely legal (although possibly just a placebo effect).



Alright, so even olympic athletes don’t always have the best picture day. This one goes out to all of us who suffer from friends who take pictures at the worst possible times. Don’t worry, it literally happens to the best of us.



It’s not all bad, though. His victory face is a sight to behold.



I mean look at how excited he is.


Keep dreaming big, Michael.